by Amy Collett

Getting ready to put up your house on the market? If so, you need to start thinking about how to make sure your property catches buyers’ attention. After all, you want to get as many offers as possible early on to ensure a quick, advantageous sale. That might mean giving your property some upgrades. These projects are great tools to make your home more desirable to buyers. Most of these are DIY-able, but for some, you will need a pro. Here are some ideas to inspire
you, presented by The MOJO Real Estate Team.

Before You Start
Go in with a safe, clear plan to ensure success.

● Remember to stay safe whenever you’re tackling a DIY project. Always use safety equipment when needed and know your limits as a do-it-yourselfer.
● Many projects are better left to professional contractors.
● Do a room-by-room audit of your home and really think about what buyers want and what brings the most value.
● Take a look at your home’s curb appeal. Your yard should be tidy, and features like your mailbox, front door and windows, porch, and pathways should all be in tip-top shape to entice potential buyers from the moment they pull into your driveway.
● Research what’s for sale in your market to see what’s working for others. Connect with The MOJO Real Estate Team for some professional assistance.
● Focus on projects that boost your property value for relatively little investment.

Outdoor Upgrades
These are great ways to make a great first impression with buyers.

● Keep your lawn neat and well-maintained throughout your selling process.
● Use sites like to find professionals to remove dead/dying trees.
Cut your grass the day before tours to avoid exacerbating buyers’ allergies.
● Use classic lawn ornamentation and avoid anything too stylized.
● Want to give your home a pop of curb appeal? Paint the front door a bold, attractive color, like blue, green, or even a deep shade of purple.

An Attractive Interior
Focus on lifestyle details to capture buyers’ imagination.

● Start with these home staging tips.
● Consider adding some house plants around the property to improve air quality.
● Give cabinets a fresh, modern look by upgrading hardware to in-demand finishes like
brushed nickel or matte black.
Pack up anything you won’t need before your move to keep clutter to a minimum.

These are just a few simple, effective ways to make your home more appealing. Keep this article on hand as you prepare your home for sale. That way you can come back to it whenever you need inspiration for giving your property that special something.

Photo Credit: Unsplash