MOJO Guarantee

The MOJO Guarantee is extremely simple. If we can’t sell your house then we will buy it for cash. Sometimes during the course of a real estate transaction freakish things happen that can ruin a deal. One of these things happened last year and MOJO stepped in to save the deal by purchasing a clients house. This kept the deal from falling apart and the client was able to move forward with the purchase of their dream home. This is exactly how the MOJO Guarantee was founded. Watch this video to learn more.

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MOJO Guarantee Testimonial coming soon…

We are getting a video testimonial from that client soon so you can hear for yourself exactly how the MOJO Guarantee saved the day. You really have no reason to not let us sell your house. Our marketing team is so efficient that we are able to sell the average home in 17 days right now. The industry average is 54 days. We also get an average of 100.4% of the list price of the home. We work hard on your behalf to get you top dollar for your house. If you want the best real estate agents selling your home, getting you the most money, and doing it quickly then call us now 816-268-6068. The real estate market isn’t going to stay this good forever. You can see a list of our agents here. Otherwise let’s get started.
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