Vendor List

The MoJo Team has compiled a list of our trusted vendors. This list covers almost everything, from home repairs to hair stylists, this is who we recommend:

Industry Member Phone Number Company Email Website
Appraiser Tyler Drennan 816-286-0054  TSD Appraisal LLC [email protected]  
Attorney Tim Alvarez 913-371-1030 Alverez Law [email protected]
Attorney James Manning 816-589-6573 Manning Law Firm, PC [email protected]
Auto Repair Jim Rooney 816-410-0837 AAMCO [email protected]  
Auto Sales Carlos Ledezma 816-941-0555 Cable-Dahmer [email protected]
Auto Sales Ryan Brehm 816-419-4444 Gary Crossley Ford [email protected]
Basement/Foundation Repair Curtis Bramble 816-918-6963 Dry Basement [email protected]
Carpenter Charlie St. John 913-660-4530 GNC Carpenters [email protected]
Carpet & Flooring Gary Ray 816-221-5392 Carpet Care [email protected]
Carpet & Flooring Mike Loudon 816-550-7692 Redi Carpet [email protected]
Carpet & Flooring Justin Wilder 913-735-4805 Big Bobs [email protected]
Chiropractic and Acupuncture Dr. Ben Dorhmann 816-723-1264 Dohrmann Chiropractic and Acupuncture [email protected]
Commercial Lending Steve Fleischaker 913-234-2440 Bank of Blue Valley [email protected]
Copiers Carl Little 913-752-2200 UDP/Datamax of KC [email protected]
Cosmetologist Jessie Joiner 660-868-2107 Salon Oasis [email protected]  
CPA Bret Curtis 913-451-1882 Mize Houser & Company P.A. [email protected]
CPA Dean Fullinwider 816-786-7147 The Fullinwider Firm [email protected]  
Dentistry Lauren Krueger 816-792-4455 Lakebrink Dental [email protected]
Document Storage Managemment Jason Logan 816-520-8889 Premier Document Imaging Solutions [email protected]
Electrician Drew Sullivan 816-935-0258 Sullivan Electric LLC    
Electrician Randy Simpson 816-572-7701 [email protected]  
Event Venue Bill Frey 913-685-2600 Ritz Charles [email protected]
Fencing Rachael Greer 816-525-9460 Roy & Son Fencing [email protected]
Financial Advisor Drew Osborne 913-601-3151 Windward [email protected]
Financial Advisor Ryne Kloeppel 816-741-0660 Edward Jones [email protected]
Florist Jean Roe 816-532-4757 Jeans Flowers [email protected]
Foundation Repair Jonny Olson 816-606-5826 Allied Foundation Repair [email protected]
Handy Man Pedro Jimenez 816-547-4377 General Contractor [email protected]
Handy Man William Whitton 816-516-5092 Whitton’s Handyman Service
Health & Wellness Becca Barnes 816-694-7316 Balanced Living
Health/Life Insurance Tom Morrill 816-769-7453 Morrill Insurance Group [email protected]
Home Cleaning Karla Starkey 816-726-7969 The Better Cleaning Service
Home Decluttering Jennifer Taylor 816-898-3875 Clear It Out [email protected]
Home Inspection Brandon Miller 816-885-2227 A-Pro Home Inspection [email protected]
Home Restoration Aubrey Newman 913-7872-4693 SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa [email protected]
Home Security Joe Garcia 816-401-9097 ADT [email protected]  
Home Security Houston DeFoe 816-744-8900 Ext.129 Watchmen Security [email protected]
HVAC Dustin Lundberg 816-719-1099 Blue Heating & Cooling [email protected]
HVAC Travis Donn 913-722-6216 All Weather Control [email protected]
HVAC Distributor Travis Hays 913-492-4460 Nordyne Distributing [email protected]  
Insurance Gretchen Duncan 913-676-9211 Haas & Wilkerson Insurance [email protected]
Insurance Jacob Parr 913-461-8533 Alliance Insurance [email protected]
Int Design/Home Stager Sue Shores 816-665-1177 Change It Redesign [email protected]
Jeweler Christine Fisher 816-453-1111 Meierotto Jewelry [email protected]
Lawn Care Josh Solomon 816-518-1961 TAG Landscaping [email protected]
Lawn Care Brandon Banks 816-215-4638 Lotus Lawncare & Services [email protected]
Lawn Care Scott Clark 816-352-9028 Halligan Lawn Service [email protected]
Limo Service Brian Price 913-800-7121 Legacy Limo [email protected]
Mason Nick Fast 816-838-3817 Fast Construction [email protected]
Mortgage Will Foster 816-414-3239 First State Bank [email protected]
Mortgage Brent Bruington 816-506-8528 LeaderOne [email protected]
Mortgage Jason Draut 816-547-1600 Signature Mortgage Group [email protected]
Moving John Crum 913-908-1159 Studdard Moving Group [email protected]
Moving & Storage JD Bolinger 816-214-2423 Affordable Moving & Storage    
Non-Profit Jeff Hon 816-550-0462 Family Promise of the Northland [email protected]  
Office Supplies & Disposables Amanda Liezert 816-531-7455 Tierney [email protected]
Painter Mike Jones 816-854-4207 Elite Painting KC [email protected]
Passion Party Brianna Carey 816-564-9017 Passion Party [email protected]
Personal Banking Raymond Crabtree 816-792-6712 UMB Bank [email protected]  
Personal Training/Fitness Don Jamoles 315-777-0900 NKC Crossfit [email protected]
Pest Control 816-468-4002 Ever-Ready [email protected]
Photography Felicia Ramirez 816-289-1243 Felicia the Photographer [email protected]
Plumber Pete Gray 816-472-4994 Quality Plumbing [email protected]
Plumber Dale Delameter 816-213-0206    
Printing Jason Milbourne 913-499-4050 Custom Color [email protected]
Printing Linda Newman 816-629-4331 Go Logo [email protected]  
Promotional Printing Jeff Martin 816-350-8100 Control Printing Group [email protected]
Real Estate Ashley Bramble 816-260-0660 Keller Williams [email protected]
Real Estate Cindy Rupp 815-200-2124 Keller Williams [email protected]
Real Estate Curt Roe 816-918-2564 Keller Williams [email protected]
Real Estate Dave Campbell 816-674-1929 Keller Williams dave.mojo[email protected]
Real Estate Max Jones 816-896-8890 Keller Williams [email protected]
Real Estate Zac Morton 816-210-8257 Keller Williams [email protected]
Roofing Jonathan Schilling 816-587-6148 JR & Co. [email protected]
Sales Training Steve Montague 816-505-2500 Sandler Training by Effective Sales Development [email protected]
ShrinkWrap Travis Brown 816-398-8187 Midwest Mobile Shrink Wrap [email protected]
Signage Julie Tough 816-241-7350 Eligius Bronze  [email protected]
Skincare/Cosmetics Becky Niemeier 816-305-7483 Mary Kay [email protected]  
Supplemental Insurance Tiffany Hermsen 816-863-9595 Aflac [email protected]
Survey Rob Young 816-741-6152 [email protected]  
Title Company Angela Schembri 816-389-8471 McCaffree-Short Title [email protected]
Title Company Billie Middleton 816-988-9576 Stewart Title [email protected]  
Tree Service Chris Farage 816-462-7292 Farage Tree [email protected]
Tree Service Mike Corcoran 816-462-7292 Eden Tree Service
Website/SEO Luke Wade 573-579-3668 Liquid Knowledge Consulting [email protected]  
Wood Refinishing Greg Carleton 816-868-7952 N-Hance [email protected]